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We are a dedicated blockchain software development company, driven by a passion for revolutionizing the digital landscape.
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Leading Blockchain Development Team

With more than eight years of experience in blockchain development, our team effectively develops apps that foster blockchain innovation.
We are based in Zug, Switzerland also known as Crypto Valley
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Full Range
of Blockchain Development Services

We are a reliable blockchain partner that focuses on delivering high-quality products and solving user problems.

Blockchain Development

We help teams with the development of critical blockchain core infrastructure like sequencers, consensus protocols, bridges, optimistic and zk rollups, indexers, etc.

Blockchain Consulting

We help teams to understand how they can benefit from blockchain technology and create blockchain development strategy that fits their needs.

Smart Contract Development

We can help applications with the development of Dapp smart contracts or provide audit services for existing smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency Development

Our team can help to create a new token or a new blockchain with native cryptocurrency based on existing protocols or by using modular blockchain development frameworks.

Dapp Development

We provide full-stack Dapp development services, including smart contract, backend and frontend development for teams that want to build blockchain applications but lack developer resources.

DeFi Development

We help teams build AMM or Central Limit Order Book decentralized exchanges (DEX) and decentralized Borrowing and Lending protocols, which are at the core of any DeFi ecosystem.

NFT Development

We help teams to create NFTs for real or digital assets on blockchains. We also develop marketplaces and other applications to issue and exchange NFTs.

Blockchain Game Development

We help game developers to smoothly integrate blockchain into existing and new games by providing integration consulting and development support.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

We help to build private blockchain applications for real-world use cases like supply chain, insurance and real estate assets tokenization including CBDC development.
Supported blockchains
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Discover the Range of our Blockchain Products

Indexers and Explorers


Leading Tezos explorer that gives a complete view of all on-chain activities, including blocks, transactions, accounts, Dapps, governance proposals, etc. One of the most frequently used websites among Tezos users.

Better Call Dev

Tezos smart contract explorer which is widely used by many Tezos developers and is similar to Tenderly from Ethereum. It allows developers to explore, interact and debug any on-chain smart contracts and speed up the development process.


Selective smart contract indexer and data API, inspired by The Graph. It allows Dapps to index only application-specific on-chain data, enrich it with other off-chain data and generate a ready-to-use API.


Developer-focused Celestia indexer and explorer, that allows developers to explore data published to the Celestia data availability layer.
DeFi and Wallets


Tezos DEX aggregator, which became the most popular user interface for exchanging tokens on Tezos. It enables exchanging any tokens with the best price and low slippage, in one transaction. Inspired by 1inch.


A multichain self-custodial crypto wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos blockchains, unlimited amounts of addresses, Tezos NFTs and Dapps.

Our Process

Focus on Delivering Value to Users Through Lean Product Development
We combine efficiency, innovation, and a relentless focus on user needs to ensure that every aspect of our solutions is finely tuned to enhance your blockchain experience.


Discuss project goals, define hypotheses, test them through customer discovery interviews and market research and create project specifications.


Create mockups, validate them with the product team and potential users and create production-ready design prototypes.


This is the stage when we build the product as many people think about it. Develop all features, add them to the design prototype and deliver the product to users.


Analyze the performance of the developed product, collect user feedback and measure if the project goals are reached. Define improvements, create new hypotheses and iterate.

What people are saying

PK Lab's reliable and competent approach to providing indexing solutions and developer tools has been critical in supporting the Tezos ecosystem. In addition to high quality, the team's versatility and fair pricing have been key to their growth in the ecosystem.
Roman Schnider
Member of the Board and former President of the Tezos Foundation
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PK Lab team started as a small grantee in the Tezos ecosystem and has developed a profound knowledge of blockchain infrastructure and core development. Their deep technical expertise and active user support have made them an essential part of the community.
Abhishek Jain
Director of Engineering at Trilitech
PK Lab has been a part of the Tezos ecosystem for a long time, establishing themselves as a highly qualified and reliable team. They brought a wide array of skills, covering everything from infrastructure and core development to product management.
Corey Soreff
Executive Director at Tezos Commons
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Our long-term partnership with PK Lab has been integral to the success of our Tezos products. The TzKT indexer, a cornerstone of our applications, and Better Call Dev, vital for smart contract development and debugging, are among their standout contributions.
Alessandro De Carli
CEO at Papers
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